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 I like playing heavy metal - I just can't stand listening to it...the same way some people like the smell of their own farts but don't like smelling anyone else's!

— John Entwistle

New Musical Express 1981

Today in the Who's History


The Detours return to Glenlyn Ballroom on the 24th, opening for the Big Three.


The month ends with both another Marquee gig and an appearance by The Who on Radio Luxembourg's Ready Steady Radio! which was pre-recorded on the 22nd.


The Who play the Youth Centre in Newport


The Who finish the month performing at the Palais Des Danse in Ilford, Essex.


The last show of the tour is at the Town Hall in Wellington on the 31st. After the show, Marriott receives a new, high-powered stereo to replace the one "vandals" had destroyed the day before. By 3am he has it cranked up full blast. Keith drops by to admire the work the hotel has done rebuilding the room, grabs an ashtray and sends it flying through the French windows. Once again, Steve, Keith and Wiggy start shoving the TV set through the window and smashing everything in the room. This time the hotel manager catches them in the act. The three miscreants have to pay 781 New Zealand dollars then and there or go to court. Wiggy responds by picking up an antique chair, throwing it through the window, and announcing "F*** it let's make it a grand!"
Also, Go-Set magazine prints Pete's answers to 30 questions. Asked if marijuana should be legalized, he answers no.
Across the Pacific, Rolling Stone magazine votes The Who the Best Band Of 1967.


It was Pete's intention to finish the Who's rock opera, then make a pilgrimage to India to finally meet his avatar, Meher Baba. He misses his chance on the 31st as Meher Baba passes on, or "drops his body" in his followers' words.


Pete flies to India to revisit Meher Baba's tomb and is videotaped giving an acoustic performance of "Pinball Wizard" and "Drowned" for a small circle of Baba followers


The Who play the Cornwall Coliseum in St. Austell


The John Entwistle Band play in Boston.


The Who play in Watford
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